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based on the quote on the commentary for LTM!

this was actually from last year but i couldn’t finish so i ended up redoing most of it jesus. so yeah, happy belated kagepro day! *throws confetti*

Life goes on 
And the people sing their song

by flea

5 Brainiac Brain Facts (in TED-Ed GIFs) ▷



1. We like to think of romantic feelings as spontaneous and indescribable things that come from the heart. But it’s actually your brain running a complex series of calculations within a matter of seconds that’s responsible for determining attraction.

From the TED-Ed Lesson

This might seem like a fairytale, you might even laugh from it. You will say that something so strange is impossible.

But this is certainly my mother’s story. The person my mother fell in love with was a wolf-man.

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